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Achmed trained Ororo in the arts of thievery and she soon became his prize pupil, excelling in picking both pockets and locks.At the age of five, during a bombing in an Arab-Israeli Conflict, a plane crashed into their home.Ororo's parents were killed, but she survived, buried under rubble near her mother's body.I just didn’t feel like dealing with that utter bullshit. There will be plenty of work for you—” “You listen to me, Richard,” Meredith snapped. If the IOA wants Rush on the Atlantis expedition, they can have him, but they don’t get me, too.

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Summary: An incident in the SGC tests John’s temper and Meredith’s patience. ” Meredith leaned forward and stared at Carter who’d barged into her temporary office without even knocking. “I heard he was interested.” “He’ll certainly be going if he wishes to go, but the position of CSO is currently being discussed,” Woolsey said smoothly. In that case, please let the IOA know they can expect my resignation from the Stargate Program within the next twenty-four hours.” Woolsey sputtered briefly. I could name my own price in the private sector and most certainly will if this decision stands. “I’m going to talk to General O’Neill.” Meredith’s phone started to ring, and all three women focused on it. “This is Mc Kay.” “Meredith, Richard Woolsey just called and told me you’ve threatened to quit the mission,” Elizabeth said in a rush.

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