Vray updating

01-Jan-2018 09:13

there's no vray 2.0 in render engines list, instead there's a vray which when i select it i can't find the "export meshes" button next to "Render" button.and when i hit render it opens the regular render window of blender (not vray).We are going to show You in a few steps the process that we´ve used for the creation of this composition, called "Sunset oblivion".

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Yes, the Arch Vision Dashboard is unlocked by logging in with your info.

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cause i kept seeing that it works with demo version.

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and when i messed up with vray license manager, blender console gave me this message : "unhandled exception c0000095".

If the Arch Vision Dashboard 2.0 does not have a license the plug-in connecting to it will receive a watermark. The license button will report the current license state.