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Persian's most famous ancient brick arch of Anushirvan or Al-Mada'in currently situated in Iraq.Bricks by hand (pressure) is seven thousand years old, Tehran capital of 220 years, with older homes and historic traditional identity both modern and traditional building are made of traditional bricks.The ".3423000001348555" represented the time of day (" EST").It is not certain whether the Julian date or day number system was named after Joseph Scaliger's father, Julius Caesar Scaliger, or after the Julian calendar. 2) Commonly in computer programming, Julian date has been corrupted to mean the number of elapsed days since the beginning of a particular year.

The purpose of the system is to make it easy to compute an integer (whole number) difference between one calendar date and another calendar date.(Kenoyer 2005) Ceramic bricks were used as early as 4500 BCE in early Indus Valley cities.Most brickworks have some or all of the following: In a traditional brickworks, clay is taken from the quarry, and then carried by workers to the yard After the forming or cutting, the bricks must be dried, in the open air, in drying sheds, When the bricks have been dried, they must then be fired or 'burnt' in a kiln, to give them their final hardness and appearance.The 7,980 year cycle was derived by combining several traditional time cycles (solar, lunar, and a particular Roman tax cycle) for which 7,980 was a common multiple.

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The starting point for the first Julian cycle began on January 1, 4713 B. (Gregorian calendar - expressed in the ISO date format as "-4713-01-01 G") and will end on January 22, 3268 (3268-01-22 G). Seek out exclusively the fully Traditional Catholic Latin Mass, Sacraments, Doctrine, and Morality.