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16-Nov-2017 22:46

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Recent statistics suggest that Australians are working far beyond the average 40 hour work week, meaning many of Australia’s single professionals end up putting their romances to the side while they focus on career and work life.

This is because the teacher is in a position of power vis-à-vis the student and can use it to gain romantic and/or sexual favors from the latter.

Equally important, if a teacher is romantically involved with a student, then he/she could easily allow the student/partner undue advantage as regards question papers and evaluation of grades.

If you are convinced that a teacher is the partner for you, here are a few ways you can kickstart your search.

If so, our in-depth analysis of age-dissimilar relationships should be a welcome break from the cougar-craze!

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" To get the inside scoop, we did a Q&A with a 30-something teacher from the US Midwest.

Working in Doha, Qatar, was her first expatriate experience.

After I finish speaking to you, I'm going out dancing. I had never left the United States before I left for Qatar. Of course, you still have occasional lazy students who don't do their work, and won't get the automatic A they think they will get in an art class. There is disparity everywhere (not always the same, but economic, religious), but here, it's very checked.