Sakura and sasuke games of dating

11-Oct-2017 17:18

It's ninja time for the Nintendo Wii with the Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution fighting game!

It lets you control 20 characters from the hit Naruto anime TV show through dozens of battles with crazy moves, powerful jutsu and awesome action.

But, for many others, they are very invested in the show’s ships - and the fans continue to celebrate their favorite love stories.

While some longtime fans were left disappointed by Naruto’s end-game couples, plenty of others were happy to see Naruto marry Hinata while Sasuke and Sakura got together.

Sakura decide fazer algumas compras e a ninja arrasta seus comparsas durante a missão, na tentativa de fazer Naruto e Sasuke se entenderem.

Confira os armários dos personagens e vista-os com combinações estilosas.

Sasuke hasn’t made an appearance in the anime series yet, but his wife, Sakura, and daughter, Sarada made sure that fans are reminded of him.

Sakura, who currently works in Hidden Leaf Village’s hospital, went on a short vacation with her childhood friend, Ino.

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As Naruto, Sakura and Sai discuss what to do, Omoi and Karui confront them, demanding information on Sasuke, who they learn is now an Akatsuki member.series “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” is out, and it takes a look at the women from the Uchiha household.