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Also, there does not appear to be any recourse for an online student to complain about an instructor available from GCU, and their mentality is basically, Oh Well, we got your money so tough luck.

Maybe you should have thought of that before you enrolled. The course materials are up-to-date and related to my work.

This collection includes theses and dissertations submitted electronically.

Prior to Dec 2009, electronic submission was optional.

All print theses and dissertations are available at the University of Iowa Libraries. You can add the word “thesis” to your search to help narrow your search.

To browse dissertations and theses by academic department or program, please go to the Research Unit, Center or Department page.

If so, it’s not a “real” permission issue, it’s a program or process on your computer that is giving the error.

Firstly, if you’re running into this issue on a Windows Server box running Terminal Services, your problem can be narrowed down to one or two things.

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The University Libraries encourages graduates to provide this permission so that their work can reach the widest possible audience.OS X users, please read this post on why this is a bad thing.Control smarter Sims with unique appearances, personalities, behaviors, and emotions. Executive MBA (4) Masters of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Accounting (4) Master of Education in Special Education (8) M. T (11) ED in TESOL (22) MBA with an Emphasis in Leadership (6) Masters of Education in Elementary Education (27) Organizational Leadership (7) M. in Professional Counseling (12) Curriculum and Instruction: Reading (7) Educational Administration (4) MBA in Marketing (2) To link to this page: I have been taking graduate courses for Healthcare Informatics at GCU for the last year or so, and have maintained a 3.9 GPA....

Thta seems like it may be changing though as GCU has an annoying habit of randomly assigning "Student Instructors" to these courses in order to save money.

System Halted Instruction at referenced memory could not be read “No more system PTEs” error (stop code 0X0000003F) Etc, etc!

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