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16-Oct-2017 13:38

In particular, at the end of this post, we will be able to deploy Hippo CMS in Single Sign On in our environment. First of all we need an authentication manager representing the entry point in our environment. As this was the main page, every user had to wait for the statistics to load after logging in before they could navigate to the page they wanted.Unfortunately simple caching wasn’t an option as the data must be up-to-date and more elaborate caching techniques were off the cards due to time restrictions on the implementation effort.Trying to use the CMS, CAS filter puts the username of the authenticated user into the http-request Remote User attribute.

So, extensibility hooks were introduced in later CMS versions, allowing you to ignore boilerplate code and focus on the actual feature you're trying to implement in your Add and/or Rename dialog. We'd like to restrict those names to a predefined list of allowed names.By extending now from the new protected org.hippoecm.frontend.dialog. Dialog new Rename Document Dialog( org.hippoecm.frontend.plugins.standardworkflow. Rename Document Arguments rename Document Model, org.hippoecm.addon.workflow. Dialog new Add Document Dialog( org.hippoecm.frontend.plugins.standardworkflow. This rule should be applied when the user creates a new folder or renames an existing one.IWorkflow Invoker invoker) protected org.hippoecm.frontend.dialog. The default Feedback Panel shows all errors in one place.

When you enter a wrong value in an input field below the fold, the input field is a mile away from the error above the form.

The first step was to create an implementation of Ajax Event Behavior which created a new instance of the statistics panel to replace the “Loading…” message component. The associated HTML of this base class defined the Great, so I can access the body tag – but now I’ve broken the hierarchy, all the components now need to be added to the body tag, not the page.