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Also shown is what occurs when such damaged or unrepaired cells do not die and become cancer cells and show uncontrolled division and growth -- a mass of cancer cells develop.Frequently, cancer cells can break away from this original mass of cells, travel through the blood and lymph systems, and lodge in other organs where they can again repeat the uncontrolled growth cycle.Cancer is not confined to humans; animals and other living organisms can get cancer.Below is a schematic that shows normal cell division and how when a cell is damaged or altered without repair to its system, the cell usually dies.Passing through the hallway Grace noticed that the bathroom door is open.She peeped inside and saw her old neighbor sitting in the tub.However, one lesser-known area of heart disease is congestive heart failure.Congestive heart failure is a progressive condition that worsens over time, especially if it goes unchecked.

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She tried to clean out the pieces before the landlord could see it, but he heard the clattering and went to see what she had done this time.

As a result, fluid builds in the lungs, kidneys, and other areas of the body.